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About Hookys Roofing:

The founder of this company, Glen Van den Hoek started all of this back in 1999. His intent for initiating the roofing business was to make sure to fill in the deficiencies that were there in this specific business. The main aim was to deliver reliable quality services, superior craftsmanship, and the best material. Since 1999, he kept on developing a strong reputation in the metal roofing industry including colorbond roofing installation anywhere. Glen gathered a team of certified and experienced roofing contractors and craftsmen to assist him in big projects. Some of the major projects which are accomplished by the expert team in 2009 were the Shalom College roof replacement with 127 rooms and the Gorge St Sydney roof replacement. It was a very challenging project because it not only demanded trained craftsmen but also great accuracy and meticulousness. He completed more than 1034 new roofs, 1383 roof replacements, and 67 house cladding and made 2484 customers satisfied. All his projects like the colorbond roof extension and others were accomplished effectively and efficiently. The company caters for projects on northern beaches and Sydney’s upper north shores.

Services by Hookys Roofing:

Colorbond roofing installation, commercial roofing, colorbond roof extensions, and other professional roofing services are available with Hookys Roofing. You can avail of the best services throughout Sydney and on northern beaches in Sydney. As Glen has very diverse experience in this field, he faced all the highs and lows, he now trains his team with all of it. He is also willing to direct the apprentices who want to develop their professional skills in this industry. Whether you want a colorbond roofing installation or a new colorbond roof extension, our roofing specialists and contractors will provide free advice to you. All our products and craftsmanship have a warranty of 10 years. We suggest that instead of repairing you can re-roofing because the budget for both will be the same. It’s better to replace a damaged roof with a new one so that it lasts for years. Hookys Roofing makes sure to provide re-roofing services that are resistant to any weather hazards. Your property will be safe because our team is more concerned about the weather hence, they keep a check on the satellite imaging systems constantly. Sometimes, equipment like cranes doesn’t reach the site due to the conserved area. We have a solution for inaccessible sites as well. We can install a new metal roof for you quickly without any inconvenience in inaccessible spaces.

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Get a free quote today with Hookys Roofing. It is very easy for us to replace an existing roof with a new metal roof with our innovative strategy. Get a colorbond roofing installation or colorbond roof extension done by us in a minimal period. We have an immense reputation in the industry due to our professional services in the accomplishment of challenging projects around northern Sydney and northern beaches. Contact us now for the best advice. For more information visit our website: