LED technology is overcoming the digital world by storm due to its extensive use and advancement. These are very much eco-friendly and accessible through smart phones and laptops like that of the LED video scoreboard. These lights are able to create brighter images and produce the best reliable quality than any other source. The display of LED board work as inter-connected of multiple displays that operate in cohesion to exhibit the content on screen. There are many transparent LED screen found in various malls, cinemas, shopping centers etc. acing their presence as a lass screen for display as LED. These screens are made without any external framing and borders for protection.

Features of LED video board

In the current digital world, the innovative LED video board approach is quite evident in places like malls, stadium, cinemas etc. These walls and boards vary in their sizes, models, shapes and appearances. The internal operating principle and their installation are the basic factors that are always discussed. Some parameters of LED video board that are beneficial and are commonly assessed before the purchase and installation are as follow

  • Location of installation and fitting
  • Cost-effective
  • Quality of image display
  • LED or LCD assurance
  • Lon-term working condition
  • Maintenance cost
  • Insurance and warranty available

These LED video board walls are very much efficient in performance as all the lights works in coordination with each other to form a display on screen. All individual components are able to conduct and emit its own light. Therefore, nowadays there is a quite increase in the demand of such LED video screens by the customers.

Transparent LED screen

There are large transparent LED screen which are installed in places which aims to target a wider audience than the normal one. These can be seen in malls shopping plazas, cinemas, stadiums, business organizations and on road in form of hoarding screens. These are made up of only glass material with 75% to 90% transparency even from distance. The transparent LED screen display can be used for multi-purpose use from still images to videos it can broadcast a variety of items. Such screens are easy to install and maintain, lowering the overall cost and save manpower.

The main features of transparent LED screen are that it does not block light at any cost, has better coverage than other screens and provide noticeable content. These are commonly the best advertising and marketing approach used for promoting brands, media and content. These appear to be very expensive in purchase, but can be easily installed behind a glass screen. Therefore, no extra structure is required neither the overall structure of the building is affected by them.


LED video board is used for coherent content display by the visual effects of the lights installed in it. The transparent LED screen made of glass material is easy to fit and most commonly seen in areas where more people can visualize it. This is fully transparent and provides visual appeal than normal screens.