Are you having trouble getting your children to do their school work? Well, it is of no surprise that most of the children don’t like to do school work, especially at home. So, here are some tricks that may be helpful!

Make it a fun thing
When your children are given school work to be completed at home, the easiest way to get them to do it is to make a game out of it. You can include colouring and drawing, in order to make it a fun experience for the children. You can also include some singing and dancing whilst completing the school work. For instance, you can be playing a game of signing and take breaks to do the school work. It will make it all the more pleasing and fun for the children.

Reward them
Rewarding your children for doing their school work correctly and without any fuss is definitely one of the best ways to do it. You can give them some TV time, after completing their school work. It is very important that you reward the children even with some very small. This will make them want to do their school work. You can also have a rewarding system in place. That is you can have a chart and give them stars for each day that they complete the work without a fuss. And once they reach a milestone, you can gift them with maybe a kids outdoor play equipment.

Have a competition amongst your children
You can also have a competition amongst your children. It is only nature of the children, to try to do better than their sibling. So if you want your children to do their school work without much of a fuss, well then incite a competition amongst them. Each child will try to do their work better and faster than the other. And hence they will do their work without much persuasion on your part! Always keep in mind that healthy competition among children is a good thing. But you need to keep it that way. If you are planning on gifting things like ride on toys for kids, for the sibling who wins the competition most, don’t forget to appreciate the others by getting them something small too.

Praise their good work to others
Children love to be praised. Try praising your child to someone in front of them about how well they are doing their school work at home. And you will see an instant change in their attitude towards doing their school work at home. A little bit of exaggerated praise on how well they are doing their school work will definitely help!